Getting started

Learn the basics and start building in the Red Hat® Hybrid Cloud Console.

Build applications quickly

For developers who want to build quickly and securely, Red Hat offers managed hybrid cloud services. Using the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console, developers can build a Kubernetes cluster and a Linux® cloud image, with real-time data feeds and an API-first approach if required.

Deploy and automate anywhere

Red Hat hybrid cloud platforms enhance security by addressing vulnerabilities and mitigating threats, from the software supply chain process through production. By reducing the variability throughout the development life cycle and between operating environments, there is less risk and more flexibility for operations and security teams across the hybrid cloud.

Manage workloads efficiently

Having the right insights and automation helps improve operational efficiency and governance throughout the entire application life cycle—even as your IT environments increase in complexity and scale.

Put open source to work

Take action and start building your cloud experience today with the tools and resources you’ll find in the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console.

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Build, deploy, and optimize your Red Hat OpenShift clusters

For Red Hat OpenShift, you can:

  • Simplify how you create, register, and upgrade Red Hat OpenShift 4 clusters.
  • Deploy applications on-premise or in the cloud that scale as needed—focusing on innovation, not infrastructure.
  • Get started quickly with Red Hat OpenShift cloud services, backed by 24/7 expert site reliability engineering support and a 99.95% service level agreement.

Create, deploy, or register a cluster Start a trial

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Accelerate application delivery 

Application services reduce operational costs and complexity for development teams using Red Hat OpenShift by:

Start building cloud-native applications

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Secure and stabilize business-critical applications

For Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can:

  • Operate confidently across any footprint with system-level visibility into how Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems are built, configured, and comply with security and business policies.
  • See an account-level view of subscription utilization over time.
  • Assemble and customize Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS images to simplify system provisioning (in Beta).

Reduce risks across your enterprise Start a trial

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Centralize your enterprise automation

For Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform, you can:

  • Centralize and control your infrastructure with a visual dashboard, role-based access control, and automation tools including analytics and certified, reusable content.
  • Download all Ansible Content Collections that are supported by Red Hat and our certified partners.
  • Delegate resources and make automation available at a faster pace to the right teams.

Start scaling automation Start a trial

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Get insights and take action

With Red Hat Insights*, you can:

  • Use rule-based analytical models to identify and prioritize trouble areas 96% faster across domains1, reducing support tickets and downtime.
  • Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in 88% less time1, without false positives, based on the precise conditions needed for the exploit.
  • Track, meter, and chart costs for Red Hat subscriptions and hybrid cloud deployments to help control IT costs.

Identify and resolve risks across your enterprise

* Now included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenShift, and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

1 Analyst paper: Save administrator time and effort by activating Red Hat Insights