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Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI

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Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® AI is a foundation model platform used to seamlessly develop, test, and run Granite family large language models (LLMs) for enterprise applications.

Build and deliver applications quickly

The Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console offers tools to deliver your applications quickly, while enhancing security and compliance across operating environments:

  • Automate code deployment, databases, server provisioning, and application testing.
  • Securely connect across clouds, and among consistent developer environments.
  • Expand connections, control, and visibility across your domains, even as your environments increase in scale.

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Creating a Red Hat OpenShift® Dedicated cluster in the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console

Deploy application services

68% of organizations are deploying application services in cloud environments.1

Shorten development cycles

Using Red Hat OpenShift cloud services lets organizations shorten development cycles by up to 70%.2

Improve operational efficiency

Switching to Red Hat OpenShift cloud services can improve operational efficiency by 50%.3

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Learn how to deploy an application on a cluster using ROSA.

How to troubleshoot errors in Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA)

Learn how to fix common errors when building a cluster or deploying apps on ROSA.

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Estimate your costs

You can customize the flexible pricing of Red Hat OpenShift, the core of Red Hat Cloud Services, based on your unique business needs and how you choose to deploy. AWS and Microsoft Azure customers also have the opportunity to use their committed spend on Red Hat products and services.

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What is open hybrid cloud?

Open hybrid cloud is Red Hat’s recommended strategy for building, developing, and operating your hybrid landscape of applications, infrastructure, and processes. From your business-critical applications on Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, to your container-based applications on Red Hat OpenShift, to all the application services and automation in between, Red Hat gives you the tools you need to transform, innovate, and compete on-premise or in the cloud.

Learn more about Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud strategy

Why choose Red Hat for cloud services?

No infrastructure required

Start simplifying operations and reducing IT deployment time today—from on-premise to the cloud.

Continuous upgrades

The Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console offers the latest managed and hosted services to deliver the most up-to-date benefits to you and your team.

Consistency and stability

Create and install your Red Hat OpenShift clusters or Red Hat Enterprise Linux images directly to your public cloud or on-premise environment for a more stable foundation.

Increased visibility

Deliver applications faster with Red Hat OpenShift application services. Use analytics services to automate vulnerability discovery and remediate risks and misconfigurations in operating environments.

Insights to action

Integrated throughout your hybrid cloud deployments, Red Hat Insights continuously analyzes platforms and applications to predict risk, recommend actions, and track costs.

Open to all customers and clouds

Access services today with your Red Hat account. Unlock transformational benefits when your host systems are connected to the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console.

1F5 Networks. "State of Application Strategy Report 2022," 2022.

2Forrester Consulting, sponsored by Red Hat. "The Total Economic Impact™ of Red Hat OpenShift Cloud Services," January 2022.

3Forrester Consulting, sponsored by Red Hat. "The Total Economic Impact™ of Red Hat OpenShift Cloud Services," January 2022.

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