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OpenShift Service Mesh

Connect, manage, and observe microservices-based applications with security-focused Istio and Red Hat® OpenShift®

Straightforward networked services for enterprise Kubernetes applications

As applications evolve into collections of decentralized services, managing communications and security between those services becomes more difficult. Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh provides a uniform way to connect, manage, and observe microservices-based applications.

Benefits of Red Hat OpenShift service mesh

Greater developer productivity

Integrate communications policies without changing application code or integrating language-specific libraries

Ready for production

Installs easily on Red Hat OpenShift, the hybrid cloud enterprise Kubernetes platform trusted by 2,000+ organizations

Open by default

Developed with open projects built in collaboration with leading members of the Kubernetes community

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What’s in Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh

Istio is an open-source project for integrating and managing traffic flow across services. It works in concert with an underlying cluster manager (like Kubernetes). Centralized components, sidecar proxies, and node agents work together to create the data and control planes over a distributed application.

Tracing allows you to track a single request as it makes its way between different services - or even inside a service - providing insight into the entire request process from start to finish. OpenShift service mesh uses Jaeger, an open, distributed tracing system.

Visualization helps users see communication pathways between services, how they’re being managed, and how traffic is flowing in near-real time for easier management and troubleshooting. OpenShift service mesh uses Kiali, an open source project, to view configuration, monitor traffic, and analyze traces.

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