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It's in-person, it's virtual! It's both! This coming KubeCon EU will be in sunny Spain, and include actual live human beings! No matter whether you've decided to attend in person or if you're going to be watching from your computer, there is a lot of incredibly useful information to be learned at KubeCon EU.

We've gathered up a list of all the talks Red Hatters will be participating in at the show, so you can easily find us and ask questions, learn about new technologies or just say hi. 

And naturally, KubeCon EU kicks off on Tuesday, May 17, with the OpenShift Commons Gathering.

OpenShift Commons: Unlock the Potential of Collaboration Diane Mueller (Red Hat) 9:00
OpenShift Release Update and Road Map Karena Angell, Daniel Messer, Ramon Acedo Rodriguez (Red Hat) 9:15
Application Modernization on AWS with OpenShift (ROSA) Sai Vennam & Javier Naranjo Matasan (Amazon) 10:15
Securing the Cloud Native Software Supply Chain: The Road Ahead Luke Hinds (Red Hat) 11:10
Application Modernization and Migration with Konveyor Ramon Roman Nissen (Red Hat) 11:35
Platform Engineer's Journey Yasmeen Alufaisan (Aramco) 13:00
Customer Case Study: Telefónica TBA 13:30
AI at the Edge with MicroShift Ricardo Noriega De Soto, Miguel Angel Ajo (Red Hat) 14:00
The Evolution of Kubernetes Security: What's Next? Kirsten Newcomer (Red Hat) 14:30 Community Update Connor Gorman (Red Hat) 15:05
Operator First! Community Update Tom Coufal (Red Hat) 15:15
Moving Everything to Container Storage Interface without Anyone Noticing Jan Šafránek (Red Hat) 15:25
OKD Community Update Vadim Rutkovsky and Christian Glombek (Red Hat) 15:35
The Journey from Cloud Foundry to OpenShift – Fully Automated Migration Adam Flower (HCL Technologies) 15:45
Cockroach Operator Update Jim Walker (Cockroach Labs) 15:55
What’s Possible with Azure Red Hat OpenShift! Mohammad Nofal (Microsoft) 16:05
Interconnectness and Growth of OpenShift and Cloud Native Ecosystem Miguel Ángel Fernández (Bitergia) 16:15
Sharing is Caring: Build, Accelerate, Inspire. Walid Shaari (Aramco) 16:25
Opinionated Guide to Kubecon/EU 2022 Opinionated Guide to Kubecon/EU 2022 - Daniel Oh & Diane Mueller (Red Hat) 16:50


KubeCon itself kicks off on Wednesday, May 18. 

Below is the schedule of Red Hatter talks. We've highlighted a few of note.

CRI-O: Secure, Performant, and Boring as Ever! Peter Hunt, Urvashi Mohnani, Mrunal Patel & Sascha Grunert, Red Hat 11:00 - 11:35
Unlimited Data Science Libraries, One Container Image, No Installation! Guillaume Moutier, Red Hat & Kenneth Hoste, Ghent University 11:55 - 12:30
This is The Way: A Crash Course on the Intricacies of Managing CPUs in K8s Swati Sehgal, Red Hat & Marlow Weston, Intel 11:55 - 12:30
Helm Project 2022: How You Can Benefit, How You Can Help Scott Rigby, Weaveworks; Matt Butcher, Fermyon; Martin Hickey, IBM; Andrew Block, Red Hat 14:30 - 15:05
It’s All for the Users. More Durable, Secure, and Pluggable. KubeVirt v0.53 Alice Frosi, Red Hat 14:30 - 15:05
Create Your First CNCF Serverless Workflow Project with Kogito and Knative Ricardo Zanini Fernandes, Red Hat 14:30 - 15:05
Confidential Containers Explained Archana Shinde, Intel; James Magowan, IBM; Jiang Liu, Alibaba Cloud; Pradipta Banerjee, Red Hat; Samuel Ortiz, Apple 15:25 - 16:00
Jaeger: Present and Future Pavol Loffay, Red Hat & Jonah Kowall, 15:25 - 16:00
Kubernetes Event-driven Autoscaling with KEDA Zbynek Roubalik, Red Hat & Jorge Turrado, Docplanner Tech 15:25 - 16:00
Securing Kubernetes Applications by Crafting Custom Seccomp Profiles Sascha Grunert, Red Hat 16:30 - 17:05
Kubernetes Steering Committee AMA Christoph Blecker, Red Hat; Bob Killen, Google; Tim Pepper & Davanum Srinivas, VMware; Paris Pittman, Apple; Stephen Augustus, Cisco 17:25 - 18:00
Rook: Intro and Deep Dive with Ceph Storage Travis Nielsen, Sebastien Han & Blaine Gardner, Red Hat; Satoru Takeuchi, Cybozu, Inc. 17:25 - 18:00


Thursday, May 19

SIG Autoscaling Updates and Feature Highlights Michael McCune, Red Hat; Joachim Bartosik, Google; Guy Templeton, Skyscanner; David Morrison, Airbnb 11:00 - 11:35
What's New in Operator Framework? Jonathan Berkhahn, IBM; Varsha Prasad, Jesus Rodriguez & Austin Macdonald, Red Hat 11:00 - 11:35
Kubernetes SIG CLI: Intro and Updates Eddie Zaneski, Amazon Web Services; Katrina Verey, Shopify; Maciej Szulik, Red Hat 11:55 - 12:30
SIG Instrumentation Introduction and Deep Dive Damien Grisonnet, Red Hat & Patrick Ohly, Intel 11:55 - 12:30
Kubernetes SIG Storage Deep Dive Xing Yang, VMware & Jan Šafránek, Red Hat 14:30 - 15:05
Implementing Anti-patterns: Kubernetes Cross-namespace Resource Ownership Tom Coufal, Red Hat 16:30 - 17:05
SIG Contributor Experience Deep Dive Alison Dowdney, Kasten By Veeam; Christoph Blecker, Red Hat; Bob Killen, Google 16:30 - 17:05
What Is the CNCF TAG Observability and How You Can Join Our Effort! Bartłomiej Płotka, Red Hat; Alolita Sharma, Amazon; Richard Hartmann, Grafana Labs; Matthew Young, Everquote 17:25 - 18:00
Registries After Dark, Part 2: Distributed Random Access Merkledags Daniel Mangum, Upbound & Jason Hall, Red Hat 17:25 - 18:00


Friday, May 20

Keynote: Nurturing The Whole Project Josh Berkus, Community Architect, Red Hat & Catherine Paganini, Head of Marketing & Community, Buoyant 9:05 - 9:20
Keynote: How Developers Help Scale Kubernetes Security Connor Gorman, Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat 9:20 - 9:25
Releasing Kubernetes Less Often and More Secure – The SIG Release Update Adolfo García Veytia, Chainguard; Carlos Panato, Mattermost; Sascha Grunert, Red Hat; Stephen Augustus, Cisco 11:00 - 11:35
SIG Security Update: We Lift Together Tabitha Sable, Datadog; Pushkar Joglekar, VMware; Rey Lejano, SUSE; Savitha Raghunathan, Red Hat 11:00 - 11:35
CNCF TAG-Runtime: Cloud Native Open Source Core Components Alex Scammon, G-Research; Zbynek Roubalik, Red Hat; Ricardo Aravena, Rakuten; Samuel Ortiz, Apple 11:55 - 12:30
Kubernetes SIG Apps Updates Maciej Szulik, Red Hat; Janet Kuo, Google; Kenneth Owens, Brex 11:55 - 12:30
Story of Correlation: Integrating Thanos Metrics with Observability Signals Bartłomiej Płotka, Red Hat & Kemal Akkoyun, Polar Signals 11:55 - 12:30
Removing Language Barriers for Spanish-speaking Professionals Rael Garcia Arnés, Red Hat & Victor Morales, Samsung Electronics 14:00 - 14:35
Distributing PromQL for Fast and Efficient Kubernetes Fleet Monitoring Moad Zardab, Red Hat & Filip Petkovski, Shopify 14:00 - 14:35
"My CNI Plugin Did… What?!": Debugging CNI with Style and Aplomb Douglas Smith & Daniel Mellado Area, Red Hat 14:55 - 15:30
Kubernetes SIG Node Intro and Deep Dive Sergey Kanzhelev & Dawn Chen, Google; Elana Hashman & Derek Carr, Red Hat 16:55 - 17:30
Metrics as a First-Class Citizen in the E2E Testing Landscape Matej Gera & Jéssica Lins, Red Hat 16:55 - 17:30
Navigating the CNCF Landscape, the Right Way Divya Mohan, SUSE; Savitha Raghunathan, Red Hat; Kunal Kushwaha & Saiyam Pathak, Civo 16:55 - 17:30


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