Hybrid cloud blog

April 7, 2021

Creating a Two Disk RHEL8 VM with an Immutable OS Disk

Creating a Virtual Machine (VM) that separates the static operating system from the user’s ever changing data has several advantages. It gives the administrator more control over the VM’s ...

John Herr

March 29, 2021

The Path to Improving the Experience With RHEL Entitlements on OpenShift

Folks who remember installing OpenShift 3.x and using their Red Hat entitlements when building new images with OpenShift 3.x will also remember a seamless experience from a developer’s perspective. ...

Gabe Montero

March 2, 2021

Updating a Boot Source Image

At some point, images used to create virtual machines (VM) in any virtualization environment will need to be updated for a variety of reasons. This could be a newer version of the operating system ...

John Herr

January 7, 2021

How Red Hat OpenShift Addresses NIST 800-190

As the use of cloud-native applications expands, enterprises look to trusted partners and standards bodies for guidance on best practices for securing containers and Kubernetes in production. One ...

Kirsten Newcomer

October 16, 2020

This Past Week on OpenShift TV

You've no doubt seen that we're streaming daily on our and YouTube channels. If you're an OpenShift user and you've got questions, you can always stop in and ask them in chat during live ...

Alex Handy

February 11, 2020

Building RHEL Based Containers on Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat Summit 2020 is fast approaching, and if you missed it last year, you would have also missed Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and former Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst announcing Red Hat and ...

Grant Odell