This month we'll have a live demo and walkthrough from StrongLoop's Matt Schmulen, showing how to build and deploy a full stack mobile app on OpenShift - using JavaScript and Node.js with LoopBack.

4 Steps to building a Mobile application stack using Node.js:

Standing up a Mobile Backend with Node.js, MongoDB and Redhat OpenShift.
Integrating your Mobile Application data services with the LoopBack (iOS, Android, Angular SDK).
Deploying with OpenShift.
Application Performance Monitoring. Evaluating the health and performance of your deployed Node.js backend

LoopBack is an open source Node.js API framework for mobile and web, that makes it easy for developers to:

Connect to multiple data sources
Write business logic in Node.js
Glue on top of your existing services and data
Connect to mobile frontends using Angular JS , iOS & Android SDKs

Register here to reserve your spot:

There will be pizza and refreshments!




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