The second installment of our Red Hat Summit for 2021 is taking place now, online! You can find out more information here. We've gathered a listing of all the talks and presentations taking place during Summit 2, below. Check it out!


  • AWS: Managed Container Snorkeling: Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS deep dive
  • AWS - Here to there, Now and How: Migration acceleration for Red Hat customers moving to AWS
  • Cisco - Enabling Infrastructure-as-code with Cisco ACI
  • CouchBase - Couchbase Autonomous Operator on OpenShift Lets You Run Your Own DBaaS
  • Crunchy Data: Postgres on OpenShift the GitOps Way
  • Dell: Transform data chaos into insights: AI enabled SAP Data Intelligence on Dell Technologies & Red Hat
  • HPE - HPE: Your One Stop Shop From Edge To Cloud
  • Intel - Best Practices for an End-to-End Infrastructure to Harness the Power of Edge
  • Sysdig - Fighting Fraud: Worldpay Protects Cardholder Data with Sysdig & Red Hat OpenShift


  • ABSA - Transforming monolithic architecture to microservices architecture with Red Hat
  • Alstom - Alstom and Red Hat automate the railside edge for more customer value
  • Amadeus - Amadeus' journey towards Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4 on Azure
  • Asiakastieto - Data innovation in open banking with Red Hat OpenShift and Quarkus
  • Audi AG - OpenShift Dedicated @ Audi—how to get a zero-risk-assessed multitenant Kubernetes platform
  • AXA France - AXA France: ML project live in 2 months—challenges between data scientists and DevOps
  • AXA Switzerland - Multicloud strategy at AXA Switzerland
  • Cigna - ArgoCD and Red Hat OpenShift: How a large healthcare provider automates Day 2 operations
  • Citigroup - Implementing middleware runtime DevSecOps at scale with Red Hat OpenShift
  • Discover - The power of advanced cluster management for Kubernetes: Working with Discover to normalize their Kubernetes deployments
  • Deutsche Telekom - How the move to the telco cloud changed the game for Deutsche Telekom
  • EDGAR - Modernizing critical applications
  • KPMG - Accelerate AI at scale with Red Hat OpenShift
  • Lockheed Martin - Lockheed-Martin takes flight with amazing superpowers: OpenShift virtualization & dev pipelines
  • Morgan Stanley - OpenShift Clusters using OpenShift Virtualization - how to manageably, efficiently and resiliently run a large number of OpenShift clusters
  • Oak Ridge National Labs - How Oak Ridge National Labs navigates open science with cloud-native security
  • Pelayo - Deploy apps faster with Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift
  • Schlumberger - Achieving digital transformation in oil & gas with Schlumberger and Red Hat
  • SIX Digital Exchange - Empowering the trading of digital assets with Red Hat OpenShift
  • Verizon Wireless - Cloud-native 5G with Verizon Wireless and Red Hat
  • Vodafone New Zealand - Vodafone NZ hybrid cloud adoption of Red Hat Integration
  • Volkswagen - How Volkswagen fills the gap between virtual and hardware-based automotive testing

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