As a contributor and maintainer of ArgoCD and OpenGitOps, Red Hat was proud to be a diamond sponsor and in-person at ArgoCon 2022, earlier this month. This year, the conference adopted a hybrid approach with people being able to join virtually with a livestream as well as in-person at the very interesting Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

The day of the main conference started with a good breakfast and a lot of attendees stopping by the Red Hat booth and the other sponsors’ booths. We had some great conversations (technical and otherwise!) with the attendees - from understanding why they are using Argo and Tekton for their application development to their roles, where they’re coming from etc. There was also some great swag for attendees to collect - from great shirts to books to cute Argo-themed toys!

Soon after, the main sessions were kicked off by keynotes by sponsors and end-users of Argo. The sessions were packed with attendees and everyone was eager to ask questions and learn more too. The key themes of the sessions were focused around enabling security and observability using AI/ML and Argo, with the opening keynotes specifically calling out a focus on security, operational excellence, and development velocity. Making Argo and Kubernetes easier to use and reducing the barriers to adoption is a huge priority too.

The energy at the conference was excellent - very collaborative and very open! Everyone, from the attendees to the speakers and sponsors, was very eager to share their experiences and listen to what other people are implementing and if they are facing any problems. Everyone was very happy to see people in person after so long and truly so enthusiastic about learning and sharing their experiences.

The day wrapped up with quick keynotes, including one by our own Evan Shortiss, about how the Future is Declarative, outlining our vision and best practices for GitOps !

We also got a lot of opportunities to mingle with each other at the conference - over breakfast, lunch, coffee and finally, network over dinner too.

The following day, Red Hat hosted a special edition of our GitOps DevNation workshop hosted at the Red Hat office by Evan Shortiss, where the attendees were able to learn the fundamentals of Argo CD and GitOps, and how to install and manage it successfully. This sparked some great discussions too!

Evan Shortiss in action!

For those that were not able to attend the event in-person or catch it live virtually, ArgoCon sessions are being uploaded here -  make sure to give them a watch! There should also never be a shortage of all things Argo CD and GitOps! So, we have a packed agenda lined up for you as you get ready for the annual GitOpsCon NA, happening in Detroit on October 25th to wrap up the year!

You can also try Red Hat OpenShift where you can utilize the GitOps and Pipelines operators to build cool apps and projects!


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