The OpenShift Commons Gathering at KubeCon EU took place virtually on May 4th, 2021, with participation from across the OpenShift Commons and Cloud Native communities.

The Gathering kicked off with a deep dive and demonstration by Red Hat’s Clayton Coleman on “Kubernetes as the Control Plane for the Hybrid Cloud”  and if you saw his 5-minute keynote at Kubecon/EU on the topic, you’ll definitely want to watch the long version and gain more insights into the future of Kubernetes.

The OpenShift Product Management team delivered an in-depth update on the latest release of OpenShift that included demonstrations of the latest features, a road map to upcoming releases and a live Q/A session.

The event included 8 Case Studies by delivered by End Users from Amadeus, Anthem, Discover Financials, Rohde and Schwarz, Bank of Oklahoma ODC Noord, and SIX Digital Exchange on production deployments of OpenShift, all of whom shared their insights and lessons learned and graciously answered questions from the live audience.

End User lead sessions also covered  a wide range of upstream open source projects including Submariner, Spiffe, Spiffe, Flux, and a wonderful deep dive demonstration of the RHEL Container Tools including Podman, Buildah, Quay, Skopeo, Clair and S2I by  Elif Mosessohn-Samedin (Take Off Labs)  and Mihai Criveti (IBM).

As the event took place on May the Fourth, there were plenty of the prerequisite Star Wars references from our co-host Stu Miniman!

If you were unable to attend, we’ve created a YouTube playlist for your viewing pleasure.

This virtual OpenShift Commons Gathering on KubeCon EU brought together engineers, architects, and community development experts from across the globe and multiple time zones to discuss control planes, text analytics, container technologies, and interoperability as related to OpenShift and the open source software projects used within the commons communities.

All videos are available now:




Cost and Resource Management of Modern CI/CD Infrastructure with OpenShift


Saulius Prasmantas (SIX Digital Exchange) 

From OKD to OpenShift in 3 Years


Josef Meier (Rohde & Schwarz)

ODCN’s Journey to Connecting OpenShift Clusters Securely and Transparently with Submariner


Martijn Straatman (ODC-Noord)

Kubernetes as the Control Plane for the Hybrid Cloud


Clayton Coleman and Joe Fernades (Red Hat)

Using Text Analytics and AI to Reduce GDPR Risk        


Filippo Sassi (Version 1)

Health OS: Enabling Standards-Based Healthcare Interoperability with Cloud Native and Zero Trust


Bobby Samuel (Anthem), Frederick Kautz (Sharecare/

Digital Banking App Modernization Project Via the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation on OpenShift & Containerization


Lance Preston (Bank of Oklahoma Financial)

OpenShift Roadmap 2021 Update


Rob Szumski (Red Hat)

End to End OCP 4 Clusters Deployment Automation in Amadeus IT Context


Thibaud Castaing (Amadeus)        

Streamlining the OpenShift Developer Experience by Building an Enterprise Helm Chart Repository


Sachin Chavda (Discover Financial Services)

Feel free to binge watch the entire playlist here at your leisure!

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