While making decisions about how a product is made available to customers, the Red Hat Cloud Services team aims to factor in as many important customer needs as possible. For some customers, this is purely about the usability/experience of the product. For others, there is a great deal of focus on security. There is also much to focus on in regards to offering flexibility for multi-faceted teams in both the infancy and maturation of their hybrid-cloud journey. We know our partners and customers recognize the importance of these focal points, especially when a new interface is made available. There must be a fusion of security, usability, and capability, and we started that journey with those of you that run Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) already. We are taking this theme and carrying it from the existing command-line interface to our new browser-based interface, inside Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console.


We’re pleased to offer the provisioning of ROSA clusters with AWS Security Token Service mode in the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud console. This new method of provisioning a ROSA cluster with STS, brings the familiar integrated Red Hat OpenShift and AWS cluster technology into a web browser friendly user-interface, while keeping the secure, capable, managed experience that ROSA already offers, thanks to AWS Security Token Service. The ROSA cluster creation interface is unique in that it is one of the few user-experiences in public cloud that utilizes AWS Secure Token Service entirely, which aligns with principles of least privilege and modern cloud-native security practices. 

Seeing and doing is believing, and so we invite you to try out ROSA today.



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