This is a guest post from Phil DiCorpo, Director of Product Management, Tigera, and our own Marc Curry, Sr Principal Product Manager, OpenShift, Red Hat.


Red Hat and Tigera are pleased to announce certification and general availability of Calico for Red Hat OpenShift. Tigera built a Kubernetes Operator for installation and lifecycle management of Calico using the Operator Framework, and provides a certified alternative ISV networking solution for OpenShift 4 customers.

Red Hat customers can benefit from Calico’s simple and scalable pure-IP networking approach enabling unencapsulated, non-overlay networking to integrate OpenShift into their hybrid cloud environments and meet the unique requirements of large enterprise organizations, telecommunications, service providers, and other advanced deployments where scale and performance are paramount. 

Operators have become an industry standard for installing and managing Kubernetes applications, and the Tigera Operator builds Tigera’s best practices into managing the lifecycle and configuration of Calico.  This operator represents Tigera’s commitment to this framework for simplifying the deployment and operations of Calico on the OpenShift platform and strengthens customer confidence in this important capability of their infrastructure.

Learn more about building and using certified network Operators through Red Hat Partner Connect’s Certified Operator Build Guide, and learn more Project Calico at https://




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