What’s New in OpenShift GitOps v1.6

GitOps is an approach to continuous delivery (CD) that utilises Git as the single source of truth for everything, including infrastructure, platform, and application configurations. OpenShift GitOps is built around Argo CD as the declarative GitOps engine that enables GitOps workflows across multicluster OpenShift and Kubernetes infrastructure.

OpenShift GitOps version 1.6 is now Generally Available. This release ships with Argo CD 2.4, and also marks our first multi-arch release with support for IBM Power and Z.

New to OpenShift GitOps:

  • Argo CD ApplicationSets is Generally Available: ApplicationSets allows you to use a single manifest to target multiple clusters or deploy multiple applications, and it is now officially production-ready.
  • Argo CD Notifications is available in Tech Preview: send notifications via email or to a variety of supported services in response to events like applications being deployed or synchronization failing.
  • Custom Argo CD plugins: extend Argo CD and bring in the tooling you need even when it’s not part of Argo CD core.
  • Encrypted communication with Redis: communication between ArgoCD components and the Redis cache is now using TLS encryption, so any sensitive data moving to and from the cache has more protection during transit.
  • Deployment history in the OpenShift Console (developer perspective): the GitOps Environments Details page now displays the history of successful deployments to the application environments.
  • IBM Power Systems and IBM Z: supported by OpenShift GitOps from OpenShift Container Platform 4.8 to 4.10.

Deployment History

Many existing features have been updated and improved, including:

  • Configuration for Dex now lives under `.spec.sso` to match the configuration for Keycloak.
  • Tekton `TaskRun` and `PipelineRun` resources are now excluded by default to prevent pruning the objects.
  • As announced in v1.5, release from v1.6 will only be pushed to the `latest` channel and version-specific channels, and no longer to the `stable` or `preview` channels.

For a full list and detailed information about each item in this release, please check out the Release Notes section of the OpenShift Documentation.


A common request from our customers is what they should use to manage their secrets. There are many options out there with a variety of pros and cons, so along with the 1.6 release our team has put together a Guide to Secrets Management.

In addition to the latest release of OpenShift GitOps the team has been working on a number of resources to support the development of your GitOps practices. The Path to GitOps ebook, recently released by the Red Hat Developer team, is a guide that outlines the tools, workflows, and structures that teams need to have in place to enable a complete GitOps workflow for practitioners who are just getting started or considering developing their own GitOps practice.

We’re also gearing up for the second annual ArgoCon! Join us in person or virtually, September 19 – 21, 2022 Mountain View, California and make sure to register for our DevNation Workshop when you register for ArgoCon the final day of the event.

Where to next?

OpenShift GitOps v1.6 is available in OpenShift Container Platform from OperatorHub. You can deploy and use OpenShift GitOps through the web console or using the CLI.

For more information about GitOps and OpenShift GitOps, check out the What is GitOps? topic.

You can find our team online in the #argo-cd channel of the CNCF Slack.


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