In the spirit of releasing early and often, we’re pleased to announce a Developer Preview of installation support for Red Hat OpenShift 4.2 on the Google Cloud Platform. Download the latest stable nightly build and give it a try!

As with our other supported cloud providers, the installer CLI will handle the necessary infrastructure creation as well as deploy the latest version of OpenShift. This means anyone with an account on GCP can now go from zero to running a production quality cluster by answering seven simple questions and waiting for everything to boot up. Just wire up Google Cloud DNS, provide the installer CLI with suitable permissions and let it take care of the rest. Join our mailing list and let us know what you think!

Tried the CLI and found a deployment topology not yet handled out of the box? We want to hear about that too! 

Afterwards you might consider taking a test drive of our user provided infrastructure preview. If you have prior experience managing compute instances, cloud firewalls, VPCs and load balancers with the gcloud CLI you shouldn’t find it significantly more time consuming once you’ve made your infrastructure decisions. 

We still believe opinionated installs are ideal for most deployments (especially when based on the technology powering OpenShift Online), but we realize the real world can be a complicated place. 

Our desire for this more advanced installation method is to afford users the utmost control over the underlying infrastructure all the while ensuring the critical Day 2 benefits of OpenShift’s automated upgrades, monitoring and world class support remain intact.  



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