Cover of the HBR Organizational Agility Report

The wonderfully informative Enterprisers Project has published a new HBR Analytic Services report. Titled "Pillars of Resilient Digital Transformation: How CIO's are Driving Organizational Agility." Inside, you'll learn how real-world CIOs are tackling the challenges of today.

  • Learn how leaders at Thales North America, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and World Fuel Services are adopting Agile practices not only in IT, but across the enterprise itself.
  • Find out how leaders tap well-developed, modernized platforms to create new IT-driven revenue streams and deliver value to their organizations.
  • Learn the technical steps and strategies CIOs at World Fuel Services and Royal Bank of Canada use to boost resilience, such as chaos engineering and microservices architecture.
  • Discover how CIOs respond to increasing expectations among employees and customers to serve the greater good on issues ranging from sustainability to social justice to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Find out what transformational tools CIOs are investing in and how they connect next-gen technology's capabilities with business opportunity.

    You can download the report for free towards the bottom of this page.



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