On June 2, 2020, we're hosting the Red Hat virtual event "Unleash the power of Kubernetes" This multi-track event will feature various Webinars hosted by Red Hat's Brian Gracely, Parag Dave, Ryan Jarvinen, Brian Tannous and Abhinav Joshi.

The day's events begin at 8 AM PDT with a number of topics focused on enabling attendees to get started with their open hybrid cloud journey, with deep technical information on building out an API-driven, Kubernetes and Linux container-based virtual datacenter, whether it's on site, on Amazon, IBM, Google, Microsoft or any other cloud. 

Merging those clouds into a single, manageable blob of compute and storage begins with a first step. That step, however, is different for every organization, and thus our June 2 virtual event offers a number of tracks, just like a real conference.

Are you in the public sector? We have an entire track focused on your needs.

Looking to build the business case to enable your move from POC to production? Check out this great talk from Brian Gracely.

Are you looking to expand your developers usage of the open hybrid cloud, and in doing so, to increase their release cadence and velocity? There's an entire track focused on developer adoption and enablement.

Our virtual event ends at 1 PM PDT, and we greatly regret that we cannot buy you lunch. We'll not be offended if you eat at your desk throughout the presentations.

We hope you can make time to join us so we can help you move your business to the open hybrid cloud. Please register here by clicking on "Learn More" to reserve your spot for the day's events.


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