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We’re excited to see many of you next week (in person and virtually) at our first GitOps Con North America! The inaugural event kicked off earlier this year at KubeCon EMEA and over a thousand attendees came to share their best practices and strategies for GitOps. On Tuesday, we’ll kick off GitOps Con L.A. with a keynote from our own Christian Hernandez on building Pipelines as Code to empower your cloud native CI/CD workflows and then jump straight into talks from practitioners at Weaveworks, Amazon, Intuit, Cisco, Fidelity, DeployHub, and Chick-Fil-A to name a few. 

Red Hat is committed to building and sharing GitOps practices with users like you. While learning alongside this community we’ve developed an approach that allows developers to focus on contributing code with the tools they know already work for them, and gives traditional operations teams options to get started. We participate in events like this to refine our strategy and use of tools like OpenShift to integrate the needs of your extended teams along the way.

As a dedicated member of the GitOps Working Group and Argo CD, Red Hat is committed to GitOps practices and events like these that strengthen our community. Check out the full agenda and join us in L.A. (or from your couch!) next Tuesday at 9am Pacific. 


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