Star Wars Day 2020 will always be a touch more memorable for me than from previous years. A few weeks prior, the world was gradually shutting down, and our lives would be forever changed. Red Hat leadership challenged all of us to find more and better ways to reach our customers and create a connection at a time where such outreach could be more important than ever. We considered a few “traditional” ideas, but nothing was hitting home until someone on the team proposed we live-stream our day jobs on Twitch. This proposal was new and different -- let’s do it! We quietly launched the first episode of on Twitch on May 4, 2020. I want to thank all of our viewers and followers to date. It is the audience that keeps us providing knowledgeable guests and producing great content about Red Hat technology. is about engagement. We strive to be accessible, educational, informal, and informative.  In other words, we create an option for customers, partners, and communities to interact and learn with some of the best and brightest from all over Red Hat. With over 200 hours of content streamed and archived to date, we have hosted experts and thought leaders from all over the company and our ecosystem with even more regular shows in the works.

As a follow up to the highly successful Level Up Hour, a show geared towards our developer experience, starting on Wednesday, Sept.16, we are adding another regular show called the OpenShift Administrator’s Office Hour where we will go in-depth for many “Day 2” operations and configuration insights with special guests from our excellent Red Hat support staff.

If you are looking for information that is a little more aspirational, complementing the Ask a Product Manager series, starting Thursday, Sept. 10, we are premiering In the Clouds with Red Hat Leadership with inaugural guest, Joe Fernandes, VP & GM Core Cloud Platforms at Red Hat. Red Hat’s senior leadership is having to execute at an ever-increasing pace. That means that today's technology decisions have to balance short-term risk with long-term gains. This unique series provides host Chris Short inviting thoughtful and candid discussions with each guest. Kicking it off with Joe, who has been with OpenShift since the beginning, is an exciting way to launch, and you will not want to miss it.

In addition to these new shows, we are concentrating on expanding globally! In the coming weeks, we will be adding more time-zone friendly offerings from our colleagues in EMEA and APAC. These will include the same kinds of shows and content, but with regional hosts and guests. 

Red Hat always has been and always will be about open. represents another step in the evolution of openness. We strive to spread the same mentality we do for software and apply it to our most incredible resource, our people. Again, thanks to all of our current viewers and those to come. We have expanded quickly, and it makes it even more exciting to realize that the journey has, in many ways, just begun. Thanks for watching!


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