We're hosting a new Webinar on January 28th which covers the basics of installing OpenShift and getting setup. You can register here, but the recording of this event will be online, afterwards, for the next year. This is a great way learn just what the heck it takes to install and get going with the world's leading Kubernetes-based platform.

From the Webinar Registration page:

Red Hat OpenShift Installation Labs (DO322) introduces students to the Red Hat OpenShift installation process. Comparing advantages and disadvantages between choosing to install Red Hat OpenShift on pre-existing infrastructure (commonly known as UPI) or using the full-stack automation installation (commonly known as IPI).  This course also covers different installation methods among cloud providers, virtualization hypervisors, bare-metal servers, and methods without infrastructure provider integration.

Join this webinar to see: 

  • An introduction to Red Hat OpenShift Installation Labs (DO322).
  • How to complete the prerequisites for installing Red Hat OpenShift on pre-existing infrastructure without an infrastructure provider.
  • How to run and troubleshoot the installer.
  • How Red Hat Training approaches planning, running the installer, and wrapping up the installation of an OpenShift 4.6 cluster. 


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