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In this introductory Big Data briefing session, Red Hat's Will Benton gave an overview into Big Data architecture and concepts to help level the playing field. This video will give us a better understanding of what a data-intensive application should actually look like on a modern container orchestration platform, and to help kick off the OpenShift Common Big Data SIG.

In this recording, you’ll learn about the anatomy of data-intensive applications, how they come to life, and what they have to accomplish. We walked through a few applications and explored their responsibilities, saw how they use data, discuss trade-offs they must negotiate, and point to some example architectures that make sense for realizing data-intensive applications on OpenShift.

Link to Slides from the Briefing: openshift-commons-20160714

Part 2 of this introductory Big Data series will be held on August 17th at 9:00 am Pacific as part of the bi-monthly OpenShift Commons Big Data SIG. Click here for more details on the upcoming session.

About the Speaker

William Benton leads a data science team at Red Hat, where he has applied analytic techniques to problems ranging from forecasting cloud infrastructure costs to designing better cycling workouts. His current development focus is contributing to open-source distributed computing projects, but he has also conducted research and development in the areas of static program analysis, managed language runtimes, logic databases, cluster configuration management, and music technology. Benton holds a PhD in computer sciences from the University of Wisconsin.

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