Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation

(Previously Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage.) Dynamic, shared, and highly available storage for OpenShift applications

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Red Hat® OpenShift® Data Foundation—previously Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage—is persistent software-defined storage integrated with and optimized for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Dynamic, stateful, and highly available container-native storage can be provisioned and de-provisioned on demand as an integral part of the OpenShift administrator console.

Offers easy cross-cloud data placement and access, along with hybrid and multicloud data protection for enterprise applications. Consistent OpenShift management tools work across clouds, whether on-premise or public. The Multi-Cloud Object Gateway provides data federation across multiple private and public clouds.

Introducing Multi-Cloud Object Gateway

Introducing Multi-Cloud Object Gateway - 1:18

Fully integrates with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform for Day 1 and Day 2 installation and management. A single unified platform supports:

  • Block storage for databases and messaging.
  • Shared file storage for continuous integration and data aggregation.
  • Object storage for archival, backup, and media storage.

Storage nodes are members of the OpenShift cluster. Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation nodes are managed through the OpenShift administrator console via the Rook Kubernetes storage orchestrator

Running Stateful Apps on Kubernetes

Running Stateful Apps on Kubernetes - 1:18

Supports traditional and emerging OpenShift workloads, allowing easy data sharing across geographic locations and platforms, and scales to orders of magnitude more persistent volumes (PVs) per OpenShift Data Foundation cluster than previous releases.

Why Red Hat Uses Ceph

Why Red Hat Uses Ceph - 1:23

More features

Enterprise storage for Kubernetes

OpenShift Container Platform supports important features like replication, allowing application data to be placed across different availability zones.

A cloud-like experience, everywhere

OpenShift Data Foundation provides software-defined storage that lets organizations deploy their apps and storage as needs dictate, and then adjust as they move forward.

Increased developer productivity

Cloud developers want to innovate without arbitrary limitations. OpenShift Data Foundation provides common functionality across all cloud platforms, simplifying life for developers.

Applications and infrastructure

OpenShift Data Foundation handles application storage needs, as well as registry, logging, and metrics storage for OpenShift Container Platform.


Support file, block, or object storage, for all your container-based application storage needs.

Single point of support

Red Hat provides support for the container host, development environment, and storage.

Trusted by organizations of all sizes

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