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Edge computing with Red Hat OpenShift

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What is edge computing?

Edge computing helps businesses become more proactive and dynamic by placing applications and processing power closer to the devices and sensors that create or consume data—enabling them to gather, analyze and turn large dataflows into actionable insights, faster.


Why edge computing?

Emerging use cases across many industries continue to drive the shift from computing within central data centers to the edge - creating opportunities to offer new intelligent applications using AI/ML, decrease bandwidth usage and costs, decrease latency for better application experiences, increased resiliency, and help ensure data sovereignty. Edge computing lets organizations place applications where it makes most sense to the business or application - even in the most remote locations.


Why containers and Kubernetes make sense at the edge

To make edge computing successful, consistency of application development and IT resource management is essential - especially when operating potentially hundreds to thousands of locations and/or clusters.

Containers and Kubernetes can help ease the burden of configuring, deploying, managing, and monitoring even the largest-scale applications. Together, they provide organizations with the ability to develop applications once, and deploy them anywhere - regardless of location. Developers write code without worrying if it will work in a particular architecture, and the operator framework provides the automation needed to simplify day 1 and day 2 operations helping IT operations teams benefit from a consistent platform that runs across on-premises, public, hybrid, or multi clouds as well as the edge.


Red Hat OpenShift extends Kubernetes to the edge

Red Hat OpenShift lets you operate consistently and innovate continuously - regardless of where your applications reside today or where you put them tomorrow. It extends the capabilities of Kubernetes in smaller footprint options including  3-node cluster, remote worker node topology or a combination of both.

With Red Hat OpenShift, developers build and manage applications consistently across hybrid, multi-cloud, and edge locations. IT operation teams benefit from nearly autonomous operations through the use of Operators that simplify the management of IT resources as application install, update and failover.


How companies are using Red Hat OpenShift at the edge

Industries everywhere are discovering the transformational opportunities that bringing edge computing together with cloud-native applications and cloud operational models can create for their business. From telecommunications providers bringing together the powerful combination of 5G with edge computing to manufacturing plants using AI-powered intelligent applications to gather insights to proactively discover and solve problems in near real-time. Red Hat OpenShift was built so companies can thrive in a world of hybrid possibilities and togher with Red Hat’s portfolio and ecosystem, meet cross-industry use cases with a single platform.


Managing the Edge at scale

When operating and managing hundreds to thousands of edge sites, uniformity becomes a necessity to consistently, more securely, and reliably deploy edge clusters. Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes helps accomplish these goals in an automated way, defining and provisioning standardized edge clusters, while deploying the appropriate application resources based on their purpose. As organizations deploy new edge locations, Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes helps to make sure these new deployments are standardized, compliant, and secure to keep clusters uniform across a business’s footprint.

Edge computing with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

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Edge computing with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

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