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Evolving from Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry (CF) is an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS), with several commercial offerings, including Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). The project started in 2012 as a platform for enabling developers, but has been surpassed by the capabilities and success of Kubernetes. Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for building, running, and managing containers in a hybrid/multi-cloud architecture, with a rich and thriving ecosystem that offers a suite of new capabilities for software developers that were not available on Cloud Foundry.


Cloud Foundry vs. Kubernetes and the open hybrid cloud?

Organizations want to realize the benefits of open hybrid cloud. In order to do this, you need a platform that allows users to build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds seamlessly. Cloud Foundry presents several challenges and limitations to organizations technically, culturally, and economically. This includes heavy costs to refactor and modernize legacy applications to fit the Cloud Foundry platform, and lack of support for newer technologies.

While Cloud Foundry has attempted to embrace Kubernetes concepts, it has been slow to adopt Kubernetes and support is limited, disjointed, and not enterprise-ready. This presents a challenge as native Kubernetes workloads are deployed throughout the organization since there will be multiple platforms to manage. You need to reduce complexity by moving towards a common, enterprise platform for all container-based applications in your environment.




Making the Move: The Red Hat Services solution

Red Hat Services provides a phased approach to migrating from Cloud Foundry to Red Hat OpenShift. With a focus on the developer and operator experience, we enable customers and their teams to be successful with Kubernetes, through coaching, mentoring and training. This means minimal disruption to apps and teams during migration, and a unified, simplified experience for operators. This solution includes the following:

  • Six week engagement to plan and migrate up to two application teams and up to two applications from Cloud Foundry to Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Training and coaching to teams that enables them to move over a complete portfolio of applications themselves.
  • A prioritized application backlog, production rollout plan, and an enablement roadmap for a successful Kubernetes journey.


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