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Red Hat OpenShift
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Unify your platform across multiple infrastructures on Red Hat® OpenShift®.

Take control of containers

Your developers need to get their applications deployed. Most of them just want to write code and don’t want to learn about the specifics of the infrastructure where it runs. Your architects and lead developers might want to explore using containers and Kubernetes. Either way, OpenShift has you covered.

With a container platform that can run on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid deployments, enable your development teams to do the job they want with the least friction, all while giving you, the operator, control, visibility, and management.


What makes OpenShift the right choice?

Scale and complexity are inherent with today’s applications. Adopting a container platform lets you keep up with their scale and complexity requirements, but you can’t spend all your time managing the complexities and intricacies of the platform. OpenShift is designed to make deploying and managing the container platform easier. With automated maintenance operations and upgrades built right in and integrated platform monitoring, OpenShift is the administrator-friendly Kubernetes-based container platform you’ve been waiting for.

OpenShift admin console


Deploy containers today

You have spent years optimizing your virtualization platform to run your applications. Did you know that you can build your container environment right on top of that? OpenShift is ready to be installed on top of your current environment to support your need for containerized applications.

Need to get to the cloud? OpenShift is ready to be installed on cloud infrastructures to provide a container platform both you and your developers can use to deploy containerized applications in the cloud.

If you’re like many of your peers, you need to deploy clusters both on-premises and in the cloud. OpenShift offers the same user experience for all your hybrid or multi-cloud deployments. Standardize on OpenShift and reduce the complexity of deploying everywhere for your IT teams and your developers.


Enable your developers

OpenShift provides a single and consistent development model across the entire software development lifecycle. And, with OpenShift’s fully self-service developer capabilities, operations will no longer be called on to deploy unfamiliar infrastructure just to enable the software pipeline. Let your developers and architects deploy, manage and build their code pipelines with ease on OpenShift, while you concentrate on providing them the stable and scalable container platform that lets it happen.

OpenShift Container Platform developer dashboard

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OpenShift benefits

Continuous Security

Control, defend, and extend the application platform throughout the application’s lifecycle. Red Hat OpenShift monitors security throughout the software supply chain to make applications more stable without reducing developer productivity.

Unified Control

Control clusters, services, and roles for multiple teams from a centralized administrative console, along with metering and management capabilities.

Cost Management and Subscription Watch brings increased visibility into costs and subscription utilization.

Automated Operations

Red Hat OpenShift includes streamlined installation and automated updates for the container host, the cluster, and applications and services. Install Red Hat OpenShift once and consume Kubernetes as a service, anywhere your organization runs.