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Creating ROSA Components with GitOps

Many organizations want to use GitOps methodologies as a main part of their operational practices. Often times, this includes infrastructure as well. The advantage to this practice is that anything controlled in this manner can exist as infrastructure-as-code, by way of Kubernetes YAML definitions, in a centralized repository backed by Git. Additionally, all processes and procedures become a part of the Git workflow with a standardized Continuous Deployment pipeline controlling the outcome.

Demonstrate GitOps on Managed OpenShift with ArgoCD

Author: Steve Mirmanexternal link (opens in new tab) Video Walkthrough If you prefer a more visual medium, you can watch Steve Mirmanexternal link (opens in new tab) walk through this quickstart on YouTubeexternal link (opens in new tab) . The purpose of this document is to help you get OpenShift GitOps running in your cluster, including deploying a sample application and demonstrating how ArgoCD ensures environment consistency. This demo assumes you have a Managed OpenShift Cluster available and cluster-admin rights.

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