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Federating Metrics to a centralized Prometheus Cluster

This content is authored by Red Hat experts, but has not yet been tested on every supported configuration.

This document has been removed as it was written for older ROSA clusters which did not allow for custom Alert Manager configs as a way to provide a second Prometheus with a configurable Alert Manager.

If you want to configure custom Alerts, you can upgrade your cluster and follow the steps found at Custom Alerts in ROSA 4.11.x .

If you want to federate your metrics to a central location we recommend using one of the following:

  1. Federating System and User metrics to S3 in Red Hat OpenShift for AWS
  2. Using the AWS Cloud Watch agent to publish metrics to CloudWatch in ROSA

If you wish to view the old (likely no longer functional) document you can find it in the git history of the siteexternal link (opens in new tab) .

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