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Migrating ROSA Ingress Controllers from a CLB to NLB

This content is authored by Red Hat experts, but has not yet been tested on every supported configuration.

This guide will show you how to migrate the default Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) IngressController from an AWS Classic Load Balancer to an AWS Network Load Balancer.

In version 4.14 of ROSA, Red Hat introduced changes to IngressControllers to give customers more control over their workloads and configuration. The operation below requires a cluster running version 4.14 or higher. To request early access to this additional functionality in version 4.13, please contact Red Hat support and open a case to request access .


  • A ROSA Cluster (Version 4.14 or higher [see note above for version 4.13 clusters])
  • A logged in rosa CLI
  • A logged in aws CLI


  1. Run the following command, making sure to update the name of your ROSA cluster you wish to modify:

    export CLUSTER_NAME=my-rosa-cluster
  2. Run the following command to list the ROSA ingresses:

    rosa list ingress -c ${CLUSTER_NAME}

    Your output may have one or more ingresses listed, as shown below:

    ab12  no       yes                       classic                      WildcardsDisallowed  Strict
    If your LB-TYPE is set to nlb, do not follow the rest of this guide, your load balancer has already been upgraded.

    Take note of the ID, which you will need in the next step.

  3. Run the following command, making sure to update the ID of the ingress you wish to upgrade from the above step:

    export INGRESS_ID=<ID>
    rosa edit ingress -c ${CLUSTER_NAME} ${INGRESS_ID} --lb-type nlb

    Your command should look something like this:

    export INGRESS_ID=ab12
    rosa edit ingress -c ${CLUSTER_NAME} ${INGRESS_ID} --lb-type nlb

    Once you run the command, your output should look like this:

    I: Updated ingress 'ab12' on cluster 'my-rosa-cluster'

    Congratulations! You have now updated your cluster IngressController from an AWS Classic Load Balancer to an AWS Network Load Balancer. Your cluster will update and propagate the necessary changes into AWS and update the DNS records to point to the new NLB.

    There is a known issue when switching load balancer type where the original AWS Load Balancer that is being switched needs to be manually removed from AWS. This resource is cleaned up on cluster deletion, but will have to be manually deleted when upgrading from a CLB to an NLB to avoid extra charges.

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