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Deploying Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security in ARO/ROSA

This document is based in the RHACS workshopexternal link (opens in new tab) and in the RHACS official documentation . Prerequisites An ARO cluster or a ROSA cluster . Set up the OpenShift CLI (oc) Download the OS specific OpenShift CLI from Red Hat Unzip the downloaded file on your local machine Place the extracted oc executable in your OS path or local directory Login to ARO / ROSA Login to your ARO / ROSA clusters with user with cluster-admin privileges.

Advanced Cluster Management

Observability ROSA Submariner ROSA Submariner ARO Submariner

Migrate Kubernetes Applications with Konveyer Crane

Introduction Occasionally when you’re moving between major version of Kubernetes or Red Hat OpenShift, you’ll want to migrate your applications between clusters. Or if you’re moving between two clouds, you’ll want an easy way to migrate your workloads from one platform to another. The Crane operator from the open source Konveyer project automates this migration process for you. The Konveyerexternal link (opens in new tab) site offers a selection of helpful projects to administer your cluster.

Deploying 3scale API Management to ROSA and OSD

This document will take you through deploying 3scale in any OSD or ROSA cluster. Review the official documentation here for more information or how to further customize or use 3scale. Prerequisites An existing ROSA or OSD cluster Access to an AWS account with permissions to create S3 buckets, IAM users, and IAM policies A subscription for 3scale API Management A wildcard domain configured with a CNAME to your cluster’s ingress controller Prepare AWS Account Set environment variables (ensuring you update the variables appropriately!

Demonstrate GitOps on Managed OpenShift with ArgoCD

Author: Steve Mirmanexternal link (opens in new tab) Video Walkthrough If you prefer a more visual medium, you can watch Steve Mirmanexternal link (opens in new tab) walk through this quickstart on YouTubeexternal link (opens in new tab) . The purpose of this document is to help you get OpenShift GitOps running in your cluster, including deploying a sample application and demonstrating how ArgoCD ensures environment consistency. This demo assumes you have a Managed OpenShift Cluster available and cluster-admin rights.

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