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Deploying OpenShift API for Data Protection on an ARO cluster

Prerequisites An ARO Cluster Getting Started Create the following environment variables, substituting appropriate values for your environment: export AZR_CLUSTER_NAME=oadp export AZR_SUBSCRIPTION_ID=$(az account show --query 'id' -o tsv) export AZR_TENANT_ID=$(az account show --query 'tenantId' -o tsv) export AZR_RESOURCE_GROUP=oadp export AZR_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_ID=oadp export AZR_STORAGE_CONTAINER=oadp export AZR_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_SP_NAME=oadp export AZR_IAM_ROLE=oadp export AZR_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_ACCESS=$(az storage account keys list --account-name $AZR_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_ID --query "[?keyName == 'key1'].value" -o tsv) Prepare Azure Account Create an Azure Storage Account as a backup target: az storage account create \ --name $AZR_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_ID \ --resource-group $AZR_RESOURCE_GROUP \ --sku Standard_GRS \ --encryption-services blob \ --https-only true \ --kind BlobStorage \ --access-tier Cool Create an Azure Blob storage container: az storage container create \ --name $AZR_STORAGE_CONTAINER \ --public-access off \ --account-name $AZR_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_ID Create a role definition that will allow the operator minimal permissions to access the storage account where the backups are stored: az role definition create --role-definition '{ "Name": "'$AZR_IAM_ROLE'", "Description": "OADP related permissions to perform backups, restores and deletions", "Actions": [ "Microsoft.

Deploying OpenShift API for Data Protection on a ROSA cluster

Prerequisites An STS enabled ROSA cluster Getting Started Create the following environment variables Change the cluster name to match your ROSA cluster and ensure you’re logged into the cluster as an Administrator. Ensure all fields are outputted correctly before moving on. export CLUSTER_NAME=my-cluster export ROSA_CLUSTER_ID=$(rosa describe cluster -c ${CLUSTER_NAME} --output json | jq -r .id) export REGION=$(rosa describe cluster -c ${CLUSTER_NAME} --output json | jq -r export OIDC_ENDPOINT=$(oc get authentication.

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