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OSD on Google Cloud

Creating a OSD in GCP with Existing VPCs

Tip The official documentation for installing a OSD cluster in GCP can be found here . For deploy an OSD cluster in GCP using existing Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) you need to implement some prerequisites that you must create before starting the OpenShift Dedicated installation though the OCM. Prerequisites gcloud CLIexternal link (opens in new tab) jqexternal link (opens in new tab) NOTE: Also the GCloud Shell can be used, and have the gcloud cli among other tools preinstalled.

Create Filestore Storage for OSD in GCP

By default, within OSD in GCP only the GCE-PD StorageClassexternal link (opens in new tab) is available in the cluster. With this StorageClass, only ReadWriteOnce mode is permitted, and the gcePersistentDisks can only be mounted by a single consumer in read-write modeexternal link (opens in new tab) . Because of that, and for provide Storage with Shared Access (RWX) Access Mode to our OpenShift clusters a GCP Filestoreexternal link (opens in new tab) could be used.

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