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Case Studies Summit for Java Developers

March 30-31, 2021

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About Case Studies Summit for Java Developers

Join the Geekle team for their Case Studies Summit for Java Developers in March. Their speakers are leading experts from top companies all over the world who are ready to share what challenges Java developers face in their work.

Red Hat sessions

AHOY! Reactive - The Quarkus Reactive Journey
Clement Escoffier, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat

Quarkus is a stack to build Cloud-Native applications in Java. Thanks to a novel built-time pipeline, it reduces the startup time and memory consumption of Java applications and offers the ability to compile Java applications into native executables. Also, Quarkus is a reactive framework. Since the incubation of the project, reactive has been a prominent characteristic of Quarkus.

In this talk, we will see the reasons behind making Quarkus reactive. We will cover different use cases for reactive and how reactive has been blended in the framework. We will also present the journey, as it didn't become reactive in one day. We will look at the individual steps, explaining the features provided by each of them and how they are making Quarkus a prominent actor in the reactive landscape.

Game Over? - Rebooting our thinking about Java in the Cloud
Steve Poole, Developer Advocate at Red Hat

Developers and security - it’s a lot more than just turning on SSL. In this session we’re going to show how to think differently about designing and coding in Java so that the application is less open to being attacked and (bonus) is often of higher quality. This taster talk will cover 7 types of development thinking that can get your application into trouble. With code examples (of course) we’ll explore a serious of common code pitfalls and explain how to design and code differently. There is much to learn when creating a secure application - take your first steps here.

jKube: the swiss knife of Java developers in a K8S world
Natale Vinto, OpenShift Developer Advocate at Red Hat

The Inner-Loop is changing: as Kubernetes becomes de-facto common fabric where to deploy our apps, it's important to prepare and boost local development into a so called cloud-native workspace. In this session attendees will get an overview of jKube, a collection of plugins and libraries that facilitate containerization and deployment to K8S in the Java way with Maven and a tookit to package Java apps transparently.


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