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J4K Conference

October 13-14, 2020

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About J4K Conference

J4K is an exciting brand new conference that combines the best of open source and middleware communities for developing applications on Kubernetes.

Containers and Kubernetes have been gaining serious traction in the market within the last year and organizations are now exploring and leveraging the benefits of hybrid and multi-cloud environments. They are at a convergence point where middleware and application services need to be made efficient to run on containers and Kubernetes.

This conference is targeted to developers and industry influencers of middleware and application services on Kubernetes.

OpenShift sessions

Intro to Kubernetes and OpenShift for Developers
Jan Kleinert, OpenShift Developer Advocate at Red Hat

Learn to build and deploy cloud native apps on Kubernetes and OpenShift.This workshop involves using kubectl, oc, and curl to interact with Kubernetes APIs. You'll learn Kubernetes basics and how to build, deploy, and scale apps using containers, Kubernetes, and other popular open source tools.

  • October 13, from 1:00pm - 3:00pm ET

So you want to write an Operator?

Jason Dobies, OpenShift Developer Advocate at Red Hat

Deploying a container is easy. Keeping a containerized application running, however, is not. This talk will introduce you to deploying and developing Operators: in-cluster containers that help deploy, upgrade, and manage your applications.

  • October 13, from 2:00pm - 2:45pm ET

Shall we play a game? Modernizing WareGames using Cloud-Native Technologies

Jason Dobies, OpenShift Developer Advocate at Red Hat

Live demonstration of cloud-native deployment and development practices in the context of recreating iconic hacker movie scenes using modern-day technologies and architectures.

  • October 14, from 10:00am - 10:45am ET

Introduction to Cloud-Native CI/CD with Tekton and OpenShift Pipelines

Jan Kleinert, OpenShift Developer Advocate at Red Hat

This hands-on workshop introduces the key concepts of Tekton and OpenShift Pipelines, a cloud native CI/CD solution. You'll learn Tekton and OpenShift Pipelines basics, how to install OpenShift Pipelines, and how to create and run a pipeline for building, testing, and deploying containerized apps.

  • October 14, from 10:00am - 12:00pm ET

Red Hat is a proud sponsor of J4K.


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