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Forward JS Ottawa

May 26-29, 2020

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About Forward JS Ottawa

ForwardJS is an inclusive technical conference series focusing on JavaScript, technology and culture, and the open web.


OpenShift Sessions

Containerization for Software Developers
Joel Lord, OpenShift Developer Advocate at Red Hat

The end is nigh. Your application is almost ready and you will need to deploy it. And with the deployment, the endless tweaking to actually get everything running in a production environment. If only there was a way to test everything in that environment first… This is where containers will come in to save the day. With container, you not only run your code in an environment similar to the production server, it is the production environment. In this talk, the attendees will learn about how to create container friendly applications, how to use containers to share their code with their team and finally, how to use those same containers to deploy to a production server with very little efforts.

  • May 27, starting at 4:15pm ET



Delivering embedded JS workloads with Ignition and FedoraIoT
Ryan Jarvinen, OpenShift Developer Advocate at Red Hat

Join Ryan for a quick demo showing use-cases and trade offs encountered when using Fedora IoT and Ignition templates to deliver JavaScript solutions on small scale/edge/embedded systems (specifically Raspberry Pi).

  • May 28, from 2:30-3:00pm ET



Red Hat OpenShift is a Silver level sponsor.


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