Interested in learning more about the recent OpenShift Enterprise 2 Release? This post provides a roundup of all the news and information you need. Leave a comment and tell us what you're looking forward to most in Enterprise 2.0 or what you like best about OpenShift.

Red Hat releases OpenShift Enterprise 2

David Rubinstein - SD Times

"OpenShift Enterprise, according to Red Hat’s OpenShift general manager Ashesh Badani, gives developers a way to automate provisioning in an on-demand, scalable environment, while providing IT operations with data-center integration and a new, advanced administration console to improve service delivery. 'We’ve embraced the notion of DevOps, saying, ‘How do we make it easy for developers to use the tools they’re comfortable with and get the benefits of an elastic, scalable cloud platform?’ Badani said."

Red Hat Advances OpenShift Enterprise Platform-as-a-Service

Sean Michael Kerner - eWeek

"As part of the OpenShift Enterprise 2.0 release, Red Hat has also built a new administration console. 'What you see in OpenShift Online and what we also have in OpenShift Enterprise today is a User Console that enables individual developers to manage their own applications,' Badani said. 'The new OpenShift Enterprise feature is an Admin Console that enables an administrator to get visibility into all of the applications running on OpenShift and the capacity metrics.'"

Red Hat updates private PaaS amid market uncertainty

Nancy Gohring - ITWorld

"Despite the uncertainty around the PaaS market in the OpenStack community, Red Hat is plowing full steam ahead, rolling out the 2.0 version of its OpenShift Enterprise PaaS offering."

5 Pillars of Enterprise PaaS Strategy

Krishnan Subramanian - Information Week

"Enterprises were reluctant to embrace PaaS in the early days because of vendor restrictions on application architecture and the risk of vendor lock-in. Modern enterprise PaaS offerings, mostly driven by open-source, are designed to reduce these risks."

Red Hat is OpenShifting into the cloud

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols - ZDNet

"According to the company, OpenShift Enterprise 2 "provides an on-demand, elastic, scalable and fully configured application development, testing and hosting environment for application developers so they can focus on coding new application services with reduced operational burdens. It automates much of the provisioning and systems management of the application platform stack in a way that enables the IT operations team to more easily meet growing business demands for new application services.

Red Hat clutches OpenShift, takes platform cloud to second version

Jack Clark - The Register

"A pure private PaaS or PaaS market figure today – it's probably fairly modest," Joe Fernandes, a product manager at Red Hat, told The Reg. "What we see is that the big market here is the application platform and application lifecycle tools market in general. When we talk to customers, they're talking about their entire app deployment process and tools today. When we talk to analysts at Gartner and IDC who were middleware and application lifecycle analysts, they're now PaaS analysts. ... that's the potential, I guess."

Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise 2 Goes Live

Chris Talbot - Talkin' Cloud

"The next version of Red Hat's (RHT) OpenShift on-premise private PaaS offering is about to hit the proverbial shelves. Ashesh Badani, Red Hat's general manager of Cloud and OpenShift, unveiled OpenShift Enterprise 2, which was designed to provide customers with the ability to increase the speed, efficiency and scalability of their IT service delivery."


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