Using the Top Tasks method

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform has a broad set of powerful functions available to users as soon as it’s deployed. Providing so many functions within OpenShift poses a challenge to the OpenShift User Experience Design (UXD) team.

Which functions and tasks are the most important to our users? What aspects of the product and interface should we focus on? To answer these questions, our UXD researchers are implementing the Top Tasks method to get insights from our users on how to craft the next stages of OpenShift’s user experience.

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The Top Tasks approach is a two-phase survey method pioneered by Gerry McGovern. In the first phase, already completed by our team, we sent a survey to Red Hatters to arrive at a list of all possible OpenShift tasks. Using qualitative coding and an expert review process, we consolidated 416 open responses from 67 Red Hatters into 124 final tasks. These tasks serve as the input to the second phase survey: the most important part of the Top Tasks process.

What our final data will look like after phase two

In phase two, OpenShift users and customers will vote for the five most important tasks they complete using the web console (visual interface) and command line interface. By quantitatively analyzing the responses gathered during phase two, the OpenShift team will get a deep understanding of what product features/functions our users care most about. In sum, we will develop our user experience roadmap according to the insights from you, the user, in the most egalitarian way possible.

Are you ready to help influence the future of OpenShift’s user experience?

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