Greetings Shifters!

Today I had the pleasure of participating on a GREAT hangops panel, thanks to Brandon Burton for inviting all of us. Contrary to what the media would like you to believe we all get along pretty well. The panel had representatives from Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers: CloudFoundry, Stackacto, Appcera, Github, Mozilla, and OpenShift--all talking together. Not only that, we had a fun conversation with some general agreement among all of us!

If you are already a Platform as a Service (PaaS) user I am sure you'll agree with most of the things we said. I would love some of your feedback in the comments below about anything you want to add or argue about. Just a caveat, I am bullish on PaaS, particularly for sysadmins and start ups. ;)

If you aren't using or familiar with PaaS, whether you are a developer, sysadmin or somewhere in between, this is an invaluable discussion for you to watch about what PaaS is and what it can mean for you. You'll get a chance to hear from some of the largest PaaS providers and cutting edge users, talking about how this new area of technology changes things as we've known it.

Some of the themes you will be exposed to are:

  1. What PaaS is
  2. The state of the PaaS ecosystem
  3. How to think about developing on a PaaS
  4. The benefits for SysAdmins with a PaaS

Really, it was a great time and I hope you enjoy the discussion as well. Ride the wave folks, ride the wave!

Leave a comment below and give your thoughts.



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