Martin Reiling of Achmea delivered the keynote address for the OpenShift Commons Gathering, Amsterdam 2023. His talk detailed the path to deploying business critical applications in cloud-native environments.

As a successful holding company for a number of insurance brands around the world and in Holland, Achmea has 24/7, 365 day a year systems availability requirements to run its businesses. In this talk, Reiling details the ways in which the IT teams at Achmea build the infrastructure and platform needed to enable their developers to deploy business critical applications in a cloud-native way.

The OpenShift Commons Gatherings take place all over the world to coincide with events that bring in Kubernetes and cloud-native developers, administrators and architects, allowing users of the OpenShift Platform to communicate their successes to each other and to share their tips and tricks for meeting business challenges along the way.

If you'd like to see all of the talks given at OpenShift Commons Gathering, Amsterdam 2023, check out this playlist where we've made all of the videos from the show available. 

The next OpenShift Commons Gathering takes place in Boston at Red Hat Summit on May 23. You can sign up for this event here


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