If you weren't able to attend every single talk at KubeCon Detroit, you've still got a saving grace: YouTube. The CNCF has uploaded the videos from all of the talks at the show, and we've gone ahead and pulled out links to all of the Red Hatter presentations from the event. . And if you want to watch all the talks, regardless of who gave them, the full playlist of all the presentations from the event is here.

Talk Speaker Link
Learn About Helm And Its Ecosystem Andrew Block & Karena Angell, Matt Farina, Scott Rigby Video
Knative: More Than Just Serverless Containers Lance Ball & Naina Singh of Red Hat, Mauricio Salatino & Evan Anderson of VMware Video
Kubernetes Steering Committee AMA Moderated by Christoph Bleckert Video
Keynote: CI/CD Isn't Reserved for Software! Erin Boyd & Matt Farina Video
Smart Green Computing Cloud Native Operations William Caban & Federico Rossi Video
How to Get Involved in CNCF Environmental Sustainability TAG Marlow Weston & Huamin Chen Video
Advanced API Machinery Topics: Aggregated API Servers and OpenAPI v3 David Eads, Jeffrey Ying, Federico Bongiovanni Video
Rook: Intro And Deep Dive With Ceph Storage Travis Nielsen & Blaine Gardner, Alexander Trost, Satoru Takeuchi Video
SIG Instrumentation Introduction And Deep Dive Damien Grisonnet, Red Hat; Han Kang & David Ashpole Video
What's New In Operator Framework? A Greene, Austin Macdonald & Varsha Narsing, Jonathan Berkhahn Video
How SIG Release Cooks Trustworthy Artifacts from Raw Source Code Carlos Panato & Adolfo Veytia, Jeremy Rickard, Sascha Grunert Video
From Pre-Population To Disasters: Manage And Protect the State Of VMs Michael Henriksen Video
Essential Patterns For Designing And Implementing Your Operator Michael Hrivnak & Austin Macdonald Video
Class Resources: Kubernetes’ Fastest Way Of Shushing Noisy Neighbors Markus Lehtonen & Peter Hunt Video
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis With Kubernetes, Kubeflow, And OpenFOAM Erik Jacobs Video
Towards Something Better Than CRDs In a Post-Operator World Stefan Schimanski Video
Kcp: Towards 1,000,000 Clusters, Name^WWorkspaced
Stefan Schimanski Video
Multicluster Kubernetes Management Made Easy With Open Cluster Management Joshua Packer Video
Kubernetes SIG Node Intro And Deep Dive Sergey Kanzhelev & Dawn Chen, Google; Derek Carr, Red Hat Video
SIG Cloud Provider Update Michael McCune, Red Hat & Bridget Kromhout, Microsoft Video
Kubernetes SIG Apps Updates Janet Kuo, Google; Kenneth Owens, Brex; Maciej Szulik, Red Hat Video

Edge Computing Is Hot. Find Out the Business Value From Three Experts

Stu Miniman, Larry Carvalho, Muneyb Minhazuddin, Marilyn Basanta Video



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