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Put OpenShift on your Menu @OpenStack Summit/Tokyo

We’ve submitted several OpenShift on OpenStack talks to the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo. I’ve listed them all below with links to where to vote for each talk so if you think they are interesting – please vote for them! The polls are closing soon (July 30 at 11:59 PM PDT).

If you are planning on attending the upcoming OpenStack Summit in Tokyo, now is the time to help set the table for the event and get some OpenShift on the menu.

If you’d like to avoid going through the 1,500+ submissions that are there, check out the links below.

They will take you straight to the OpenShift-related talks on submitted by OpenShifters at Red Hat, Dell, Symantec and Ansible.

OpenShift on OpenStack:

Securing your Application Stacks on OpenStack
Presenters: Jonathan Gershater and Diane Mueller
Vote here:

Deploying and Integrating OpenShift on Dell’s OpenStack Cloud Reference Architecture
Presenters: Judd Matlin (Dell), Diane Mueller and Grant Shipley
Vote here:

Deploying and Managing OpenShift on OpenStack with Ansible and Heat
Presenters: Veer Muchandi, Ken Thompson, Tomas Sedovic, Greg DeKoenigsberg (Ansible)
Vote here:

Scale or Fail – Scaling applications with Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and OpenStack
Presenters: Grant Shipley and Diane Mueller
Vote here:

Repeatable Processes for Building Secure Containers from Source to Image to Cloud
Presenters: Grant Shipley and Dan Walsh
Vote here:

Docker on OpenStack

One Year in Production with Docker on OpenStack
Presenter: Ryan Jarvinen
Vote here:

Docker: Develop and Deploy
Presenter: Ryan Jarvinen
Vote here:

But wait, there are more Red Hatters talking about OpenShift and OpenStack!

Application & infrastructure continuous delivery using OpenShift and OpenStack
Presenter: Mike McGrath, Atomic Platform
Vote here:

Develop, Deploy, and Manage Applications at Scale on an OpenStack based private cloud
Presenter: James Labocki, Red Hat Infrastructure
Vote here:

Converged Storage in hybrid VM and Container deployments using Docker, Kubernetes, Atomic and OpenShift
Presenter: Stephen Watt, Emerging Technologies
Vote here:

Just in: one more submission by Symantec!

Troubleshoot Your Next Open Source Deployment
Presenter: Lysander David (Symantec)

Check out all the other Red Hat submissions as well

As you might suspect, there are ~100 Red Hat talks that have been submitted for the Tokyo event. If I haven't listed the one you were looking for, you can search the list of all submission and find the topic you are most interested in hearing about!

If you have submitted one related to OpenShift and I've left you off the list! Drop me a note and I'll update the list!

Most of all, be sure to vote soon as voting closes on July 30 at 11:59 PM PDT.

See you in Tokyo!


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