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Help get OpenShift to Hong Kong

We've submitted a proposed talk on "Putting the PaaS in OpenStack with Heat" for the OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong in November. The deal is that you have to vote for your favorites so that we can be sure to get on the program, so please remember to vote early and often!

Here's the link to read about & vote on our talk:

You need to join the OpenStack community if you haven't already in order to vote.

We're working hard to build bridges between the OpenShift & OpenStack communities and getting the Heat templates is one of our "bridge building" initiatives - we want to make sure everybody knows how easy it is to deploy & scale OpenShift on OpenStack and this presentation is a great opportunity to do so - so every vote counts!

If you'd like to learn more about what we're working on, you can view our recent OpenShift Origin Community Google+ Hangout on Heat with Steven Dake & Chris Alfonso, check out the Heat Templates on GitHub or watch Krishna Raman's short video on Deploying with Heat.

Thanks for your support!

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