In previous blog posts we dove into the specifics of how to monitor OpenShift - so now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the show. We wanted to show you what a state-of-the art OpenShift monitoring tool looks like, using Sysdig OpenShift Monitoring as an example. In this short video, we’re going to answer a few key questions by demonstrating using this tool for monitoring of a container application platform built on OpenShift.




  • How does instrumentation auto-scale with your environment? Do users have to instrument every container (answer: heck no) or just hosts?
  • Can you just see containers or can you see what’s inside them?
  • How do you get Kubernetes monitoring that supports OpenShift’s underlying concepts of projects, namespaces deployments, and other key metadata concepts?
  • How do you isolate information to relevant teams for both security and simplicity using service-based access control?

The video is just about 5 minutes long, and you’ll answer all these questions and more. Enjoy!


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