In 2016 we want to share with you a different aspect of the OpenShift ecosystem. This new series of videos, the OpenShift Profiles, will give you a closer look at the OpenShift team and our partners. With short and casual conversations we will learn more about the daily tasks of the people create, contribute and use OpenShift.


In this Video

Our first guest is Diane Mueller, Director of Community Development for OpenShift. You may have seen her before leading the conversation in the many OpenShift Commons briefings or, perhaps, had the chance to start a conversation with her in one of the many tech conventions she attends every year.

If you want to know more about her role in our incredibly active community, check this video and participate in the OpenShift Commons.

Join the Commons

In our short conversation Diane gave us a great view of the role of OpenShift Commons, how it works and what it stands for. If you want to join it, you just have to go here.

Please do not forget that on 01/07 we will have the first briefing of the year:

Container Developer Kit/Developer Tooling with Pete Muir (Red Hat)


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