The User Experience team is always interested in hearing from our customers about the OpenShift user experience. We use a number of methods for getting feedback and collaborating with our customers.

The Design Exchange Program allows us to meet with customers on a regular cadence to understand their pain points, get feedback on designs in progress and collaborate on upcoming features. If you are interested in finding out more about this program, email us.

The Red Hat User Experience team is always present at Red Hat Summit. We hold a number of customer activities focused on getting feedback which will help impact upcoming features in the console. Read this blog to find out about OpenShift related activities that you can participate in at Red Hat Summit this year (May 8th-10th)!

Going forward, we will be utilizing surveys on a regular basis to gain input from customers on their experience with the OpenShift Web Console. Not only does this help gauge how we are doing, but also enables us to hear from a large number of customers to better understand what they are thinking.

How Can You Help?

Help influence the OpenShift web console user experience.

Regardless of your role, if you use the OpenShift Console, we want to hear from you! Please take this 15 minute survey and tell us about your experience.

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