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In this Tech N' Talk, Kris Nova took us on a deep dive into Kubicorn, one of the hot projects that the GitHub community is most excited about today. Announced at GopherCon, Kubicorn is a new project that recently made (and as of this post is still on) Github's Trending in Open Source list! Kubicorn helps a user manage cloud infrastructure for Kubernetes. With Kubicorn, a user can create new clusters, modify and scale them, and take a snapshot of their cluster at any time on any public cloud. And Kubicorn gives users a rich golang library to work with infrastructure. While the project is still relatively new and being actively developed, it's giving kubeadm a thorough test and is already generating good feedback into that project as well.

How is the Kubicorn approach to Kubernetes infrastructure management different?

  • We use kubeadm to bootstrap our clusters.
  • We strive for developer empathy, and clean and simple code.
  • We strive for operational empathy, and clean and simple user experience.
  • We start with struct literals for profiles, and then marshal into an object.
  • We offer the tooling as a library, more than a command line tool.
  • We are atomic, and will un-do any work if there is an error.
  • We run on many operating systems.
  • We allow users to define their own arbitrary bootstrap logic.
  • We have no guarantee that anything works, ever, use at your own risk.
  • We have no dependency on DNS.
  • We believe in snapshots, and that a user should be able to capture a cluster, and move it.

You can learn more about kubicorn here:

NOTE: Kubicorn is a work-in-progress, we do not consider it production ready. Use at your own risk and if you're as excited about it as we are, maybe you want to join us on the #kubicorn channel in the Gophers Slack community.

About Our Guest Speaker:

Kris Nova lives and breathes open source at Microsoft. She is openly transgender, and is open about all things in her life. She believes in advocating for the best interest of the software, and keeping the design process open and honest. She is a backend infrastructure engineer, with roots in Linux, Go, and C. She is a Kubernetes maintainer and she helped create the kops implementation of Kubernetes private networking topologies in AWS. Kris is an organizer of Kubernetes sig-aws, and is the creator of kubicorn. She dreams that one day she can help make Kubernetes easy to install and manage on any cloud platform. Kris also understands the complicated nature of infrastructure as software, and is authoring a book on the topic called Cloud Native Infrastructure.

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