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In this Tech N' Talk, Liz Rice of Aqua Security walked us through a new open source project called Kube-Bench that automates the Center for Internet Security's Kubernetes Security Benchmarks. The Kubernetes Bench for Security is a Go application that checks whether Kubernetes is deployed securely by running the checks documented in the CIS Kubernetes 1.6 Benchmark v1.0.0. Tests are configured with YAML files, making this tool easy to update as test specifications evolve.

Liz also gave a brief introduction to yet another fine Kubernetes-related open source project that was just announced yesterday: Manifesto! Manifesto lets users store and query metadata for Docker images. This metadata can be information that you want to store about an image post-build - where labels are not sufficient.

About Our Guest Speaker:

Liz Rice is the creator of the Kube-Bench project and author of the recent O’Reilly How to Containerize Your Go Code book. She is currently the technology evangelist with container security specialists Aqua Security.

Additional Resources:

Slides from the presentation: Kube-Bench Slides

Kubernetes AUTH-SIG:
GitHub Repos:

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