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We're hosting a Cloud Field Day on Thursday, November 4, 2021, from 11:00 AM PT to 12:30 PM PT. This event is part of the larger Cloud Field Day event taking place from today until Friday of this week.

It's free to view this event, live, and attendees will be able to learn about a number of important tools for the cloud, such as Ansible and Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes. Here's the list of our scheduled talks. We hope to see you there Thursday.

Session: 40 Million in new revenue in 1.5yr with Red Hat OpenShift & Ansible

Abstract: Overview of Red Hat portfolio and example of how Red Hat helped Employers secure 40 Million in new revenue in 1.5 yrs. In addition, helping Employers improve customer experience, digitally transform, move the cloud, &  grow their customer base.

Speakers: Troy Mangum & Collin Webster

Session 2: Advanced techniques with Ansible for Hybrid Cloud
Abstract: Complete your automation story in the hybrid cloud with Ansible Automation Platform.
Speakers: Richard Henshall & Sean Cavanaugh

Session 3: Operations Swiss Army knife- Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes

Abstract: In this session, we will demo how to deploy OCP on VMware & GCP, Provision or import a GKE cluster, Ansible integrations with ACM & Service Now, Manage network connectivity for Hybrid Cloud, Observability across different Kubernetes distributions, Policy enforcement with Ansible & ACM, Lifecycle management of applications with Ansible & ACM

Speaker: Joshua Packer


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