For the first time, OpenStack Summit will be heading down under to Australia. The conference is being held at the Sydney International Convention Centre from November 6th through 8th.

Red Hat will be at the conference in force, with Red Hat speakers presenting at more than 40 sessions during the conference. We will also have a booth in the vendor expo hall where you can come and talk directly to our experts on OpenStack and other Red Hat products, including OpenShift.

If you are attending the conference, you may wish to attend these talks about OpenShift:

The talks and the vendor expo aren't the only events occurring where the OpenShift team from Red Hat will be present.

On the weekend of the 3rd to the 5th November, the OpenStack Community is hosting a hackathon event at the Australian Technology Park. The hackathon event is open to anyone, you do not need to be attending the OpenStack Summit.

During the event, Red Hat will be participating by providing OpenShift as one of the choices of platforms which participants will need to use during the hackathon.

Unlike many hackathons which focus exclusively on the application which is created, this hackathon will also be judged on how effectively people use the platform they are deploying the application to. You can, therefore, bring along your existing ideas and applications and use the hackathon as an opportunity to port it to run on OpenShift, learning more about OpenShift in the process and demonstrating how you make the most of OpenShift as a platform for both development and deployment.

During the hackathon there will be various mentors present who will be able to help you with OpenShift, as well as other application technologies.

The OpenStack community is providing some great prizes for the event, so if you are in town for the OpenStack Summit, or a local to Sydney, and are interested, do check out the hackathon site for more details. You can register as a team, or come along as an individual and join with others to form a team at the start of the event.

With so many Red Hat and OpenShift people in town, we are also organising a meet up for the local Sydney OpenShift User Group. The meet up will be held on the evening of 8th November. For details of this event and how to register, check out the user group event page on

So come visit us at the vendor expo at OpenStack Summit or listen to the talks by our many speakers. We also hope to see you at the hackathon or the OpenShift user group meeting as well.


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