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November 9, 2018

[Podcast] PodCTL #54 - Have We Reached Kubernetes-Native Yet

As we close in on another KubeCon, it's useful to examine how the industry has evolved to provide platforms and services that are optimized for the applications that drive business. The Kubernetes ...

Brian Gracely

November 2, 2018

PodCTL #53 - The Internal Build vs Buy Discussion

This week we had a great listener question that went something like this: "I work at a large company and we currently run a production Kubernetes (vendor-centric) environment. Some other groups in ...

Brian Gracely

October 23, 2018

We've Got a Few Questions For You...

At Red Hat, we're always looking for ways to hear from our customers, and to include that feedback into our offerings. When we combine your thoughts with those coming from the upstream communities, ...

Alex Handy

October 19, 2018

[Podcast] PodCTL #52 - OpenShift 3.11 and OpenShift Container Engine

Last week Red Hat announced the general availability of OpenShift Container Platform 3.11. This is an important release because it incorporates the first wave of technology from the CoreOS ...

Brian Gracely

October 3, 2018

[Podcast] PodCTL #51 - Reviewing Kubernetes 1.12

As another calendar quarter passes, so too does another release of Kubernetes arrive. This time it's version 1.12, the 13th release of Kubernetes. As we always do, we looked at the new GA features, ...

Brian Gracely

September 24, 2018

OpenShift Commons Briefing: Deep Dive AIOps, Autoscaling and Scheduling on OpenShift with Jeremy Wei (Prophetstor)

OpenShift Commons Briefing Summary In this briefing, Prophetstor's Jeremy Wei demonstrate using AIOps technologies to empower OpenShift scaler/scheduler to help ensure the operation of containers, ...

Diane Mueller

September 19, 2018

[Podcast] PodCTL #50 - Listener Mailbag Questions

As the community around PodCTL has grown (~8000 weekly listeners) we've constantly asked them to give us feedback on topics to discuss and areas where they want to learn. This week we discussed and ...

Brian Gracely

September 17, 2018

Kubernetes: Naming Things

An old saying goes something like this: there are only two hard problems in computer science, namely cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors. We will focus on the naming things topic ...

Michael Hausenblas

September 12, 2018

[Podcast] PodCTL #49 - Security & Service Meshes

As we use PodCTL to help educate the market on Containers, Kubernetes and associated technologies, we've found that Service Meshes (and Istio) are one of the most popular topics. While it's still a ...

Brian Gracely

September 5, 2018

[Podcast] PodCTL #48 - Patching VMs, OS, Containers

Recently, we heard a company say that they wanted to move all of their applications from Virtual Machines to Containers because they no longer wanted to do patching of Operating Systems. This got us ...

Brian Gracely

August 30, 2018

[Podcast] PodCTL #47 - VM Admin vs Container Admin

This week, we were watching as fall trade show season got started and we noticed that one of the Container 101 sessions had a packed room. This led to a discussion about how many people were still at ...

Brian Gracely

August 24, 2018

Providing Applications and Services Worldwide Easily and Quickly at Porsche Informatik

This post was originally published here. The automobile industry is undergoing the biggest transformation in its 100-plus year history – and automotive trade is changing just as dramatically. ...

Christian Köberl, Software Architect, Porsche Informatik and Johannes Grumböck, Infrastructure Architect, Porsche Informatik