Hybrid cloud blog

June 24, 2021

Keep Your Applications Secure With Automatic Rebuilds

Open Source is the foundation of most applications deployed today, and containers have become the standard delivery mechanism for these applications. This raises a question, however, for many ...

Siamak Sadeghianfar and Daniel Messer

May 24, 2021

Container Scanning: How to Connect Snyk With Red Hat Quay

This is a guest post written by Jim Armstrong of Snyk. Containers are the building blocks of modern applications, so securing them is crucial for today’s enterprises. Scanning images directly within ...

Alex Handy

April 15, 2021

Red Hat Quay 3.5 Is Generally Available

The Quay team at Red Hat is proud to announce that Red Hat Quay 3.5 is generally available as of today. The Quay 3.4 release was announced just back in February and we are looking to get a new Quay ...

Daniel Messer

March 24, 2021 Will Require a Red Hat Account After July 31, 2021... Wait, What?

Update: The date has been pushed back to July 31, 2021 What’s This About? At the end of June this year, we will be making a change to We will transition the sign-up and login process ...

William Dettelback

February 23, 2021

Quay OCI Artifact Support for Helm Charts

Since the early days of Kubernetes, other than the API manifests themselves, the primary supporting artifact has been a container image. Container images are stored and accessed by Kubernetes from ...

Andrew Block

February 5, 2021

OpenShift Administrator’s Office Hour - Container Registries

A registry is an important part of deploying applications to OpenShift, or any Kubernetes, clusters. The registry is responsible for storing the container images created and used by applications. ...

Andrew Sullivan

February 4, 2021

Red Hat Quay 3.4 Is Here

The Quay team at Red Hat is proud to announce that Red Hat Quay 3.4 is generally available as of today. We’ve been working on this release for quite some time now. While we initially planned this as ...

Daniel Messer

December 3, 2020

OpenShift/Kubernetes Failure Stories at Scale - Lessons Learned from Large and Dense Deployments

Microservices architecture is gaining popularity rapidly, and OpenShift is the go-to platform to run them. Here are a couple of questions that every engineer has on their mind after writing a piece ...

Naga Ravi Chaitanya Elluri

October 30, 2020

Mitigate impact of Docker Hub Pull Request Limits

Determine and Mitigate Impact of Docker Hub Pull Request Limits starting Nov 2nd If you are using Docker Hub to distribute your containerized software project, you will by now have received at least ...

Daniel Messer

October 2, 2020 Serves 1 Billion Container Images in August

When you are using large numbers of containers, a stable of images becomes the basis of your environments, your build processes and everything your developers use day to day. As it is incumbent upon ...

Rob Szumski

September 11, 2020

Guide to OpenShift Pipelines Part 3 - Manage a Runtime Image

This is part 1 of a 5 part series. Links to the other parts are here: Introduction to OpenShift Pipelines Using Source 2 Image Build in Tekton Manage a Runtime Image Application Deployment and ...

Mark Roberts

August 7, 2020

About the Outage: Post Mortem

On May 19th, in the early morning (Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)) went down. This affected customers of and open source projects that are using as a build and distribution ...

William Dettelback