Hybrid cloud blog

September 22, 2021

OpenShift Sandboxed Containers Operator From Zero to Hero, the Hard Way

This blog is part of a series on OpenShift sandboxed containers and focuses on the operator portion of the solution. See this blog for a simple introduction to OpenShift sandboxed containers. You can ...

Jens Freimann and Pradipta Kumar

September 3, 2021

Ask an OpenShift Admin Office Hour - Operator Lifecycle Manager Deepdive

What's the best way to install, manage and upgrade Operators and their dependencies in a cluster? Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) is a core component of OpenShift. OLM is the Kubernetes ...

Andrew Sullivan

September 1, 2021

The Advanced Cluster Security Operator Is Here. What You Need to Know and How to Get Started.

The Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security (RHACS) operator is now available, giving users flexible installation and lifecycle management of RHACS in their OpenShift clusters. Since the StackRox ...

Michael Foster

August 10, 2021

Going Global: Improving Operand Visibility for Operators in OpenShift 4.8

Our latest enhancement made to the OpenShift Web Console’s operator UI focuses on improving the way the console displays operands, specifically for operators that manage “All namespaces.” In ...

Megan Hall

July 7, 2021

Developing OpenShift Operators in JavaScript/TypeScript

OpenShift Operators provide full control over the life cycle of complex applications. They use custom resources to define an application’s desired state, and implement controllers that watch those ...

Guillaume Radde

May 20, 2021

Building an Air-Gap Friendly Operator

In my last post I covered what you need to consider to build ‘air-gap friendly’ Operators - Operators that deploy and run cleanly in environments with no internet access of any kind. In this post I ...

Adam Goossens

March 18, 2021

Is your Operator Air-Gap Friendly?

Air-gapped environments are those that are physically isolated from other networks, but most importantly isolated from the Internet. No proxies, no jump hosts - nothing. The only way to get data into ...

Adam Goossens

December 1, 2020

Identify Installation Gaps for Operator-Backed Layered Products

“Operators” are one of the key differentiators for Red Hat OpenShift. By using the power of Operators, OpenShift provides automation at every level of the stack, from managing the parts that make up ...

Tony Wu

October 22, 2020

Deploy Citrix API Gateway Using Red Hat OpenShift Operators

This is a guest post by Pushkar Patel, Principal Product Manager, Citrix. The Operator Framework is an open source toolkit designed to package, deploy, and manage Kubernetes-native applications in a ...

Alex Handy

October 7, 2020

Writing Customized Reports Using Metering Operator

Operator Metering is a chargeback and reporting tool to provide accountability for how resources are used across a Kubernetes cluster. Cluster admins can schedule reports based on historical usage ...

Kapil Shukla

October 6, 2020

Custom Operator Registry (Catalog Source) for OpenShift 4.5

Introduction Operators framework is the new way to manage complex applications on top of Kubernetes. They embed operational knowledge about applications and manage all the lifecycle from ...

Salahddine Aberkan

August 18, 2020

Operator SDK Reaches v1.0

On behalf of the Operator SDK maintainers and engineering team as well as the contributing members of the community, we are happy to announce that the Operator SDK project reached the v1.0 milestone. ...

Daniel Messer