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June 19, 2019

What Red Hat OpenShift Online and OpenShift Dedicated Customers Should Know About the June 2019 Kernel Network Stack Flaws

On Monday, June 17, 2019, details were made public about security flaws that impact systems hosting Red Hat OpenShift Online (Starter and Pro) and Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated. For information on the ...

Alex Handy

February 13, 2019

Introducing a New Way to Try Red Hat OpenShift Online Pro

Red Hat OpenShift Online hosting has been available since 2011, and to date, well over 4 million applications have been launched on OpenShift Online. This service has been available in two tiers: the ...

Alex Handy

September 28, 2018

Using Frameworks in OpenShift with Artifactory

This post was written by guest blogger Craig Peters, JFrog’s Director of Product For most enterprise developers, using a language framework like Spring, or Express.js, can provide you with the ...

Craig Peters

September 25, 2018

Scaling Java Containers

As enterprises increasingly learn about the advantages of deploying containerized applications, it is important to address a misconception that JVM does not play nicely in the cloud, especially when ...

Patrick Dillon

September 18, 2018

Kubernetes Ingress vs OpenShift Route

Although pods and services have their own IP addresses on Kubernetes, these IP addresses are only reachable within the Kubernetes cluster and not accessible to the outside clients. The Ingress object ...

Siamak Sadeghianfar

September 12, 2018

Deploying a React App with an Express Backend on OpenShift

A few weeks ago, I joined the OpenShift team as a Developer Advocate. To help me get a better understanding of the platform, I went through the process of building and deploying a React app on Red ...

Jan Kleinert

August 16, 2018

What OpenShift Online customers should know about L1TF

On Aug. 14, 2018, information was released about another set of “speculative execution” issues with Intel microprocessor hardware known as “L1 Terminal Fault”.  As with earlier issues like Spectre ...

Dave Baker

August 9, 2018

Troubleshooting OpenShift network performance with a netperf DaemonSet

A Kubernetes DaemonSet ensures that an instance of a specific pod is running on all (or a selection of) nodes in a cluster. It creates pods on each node, and garbage collects pods when nodes are ...

Jose Antonio Gonzalez Prada

July 24, 2018

State of Serverless in Kubernetes: Knative and OpenShift Cloud Functions

We are tremendously excited to be part of the Knative (pronounced kay-nay-tiv) project recently announced at Google Next. Red Hat's strategy around serverless will embrace and benefit from the ideas ...

William Markito Oliveira

July 17, 2018

Crictl Vs Podman

As people continue to adopt CRI-O as a new container runtime for Kubernetes I am hearing questions from administrators who are confused whether they should use Crictl or Podman to diagnose and ...

Dan Walsh

May 22, 2018

OpenShift Online and Dedicated Response to Variant 4

On May 21, 2018, kernel patches were released for “Speculative Store Bypass” (also known as “Variant 4”), the latest bug related to the speculative execution vulnerabilities that first came to light ...

Dave Baker

May 16, 2018

What OpenShift Online and Dedicated Customers Should Know About the Recent DHCP Vulnerability

Red Hat recently announced information about CVE-2018-1111, a vulnerability in the integration between Network Manager and DHCP present in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. OpenShift Online and Dedicated run ...

Dave Baker